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Wild black stroller backpack

Wild black stroller backpack

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This black Wild hiking backpack is part of the Anekke The Forest collection, inspired by Anekke's new adventure in Canada - fall in love with the wild side of Canada!




This women's backpack is medium-large in size and features pockets on the front and back.




The design combines the front in black with embroidery, with the Towanda shape lined with rivets on the pocket, with the back printed, with an original design inspired by a photographic negative, in which various silhouettes of animals and leaves are hidden along with inspirational phrases. Stop to look at it and discover all the secrets of the forest!




The backpack features two adjustable backpack straps at different lengths, plus a grab handle for the hand. The interior is lined with an original fabric printed with motifs from the collection, and has pockets.




The final touch is the details, which make it unique. Metallic logo, with a texture inspired by tree trunks, and other details such as pins, studs, metallic embroidery, personalized handles and the collection's key ring, will make this backpack your new inseparable companion.




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