Collection: HOLLYWOOD *NEW*

I have always been head over heels in love with life. Because living is like making the script of a film in which we have the leading role become reality. Where passion is the most perfect make-up that exists. Where creative people can do the unexpected. Because we are much more than mere actresses or spectators of a film: we are stars.

Hollywood became my home. The big film studios, the conversations behind the camera and the moments behind the scenes where interpreting other people, were part of my everyday life. And with each “cut!” I became myself again.

 I became that version of myself full of dreams once more. The one who walked on a red carpet where all the flashes of the cameras were for me. But, also, that scientist who hid behind the blinding lights of the night of a star.

I understood that success was not only in the huge movie theatres full of people who dreamed about my films. Success is feeling complete.










Your mind is much more important than any appearance.

And mine flew between mathematical equations and systems, between encrypted frequencies and secret messages. And so, my name was recorded in history: like that actress who, with her inventions, would change the way we communicate with each other. Like the inventor of Wi-Fi.

And this is how, I understood, that life is the biggest show that we see. That we are much more than a script, more than a film, more than a simple story. We are all the things that make us happy.



And my story still shines in Hollywood. My name will always have a place among the greatest inventors of history.


My light will never stop shining.