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Urban triple compartment backpack

Urban triple compartment backpack

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This Urban triple compartment backpack is part of the Anekke The Forest collection, inspired by Anekke's new adventure in Canada - discover the Urbanite side of Canada with Anekke!




This backpack features 3 separate compartments, is medium-large in size and has pockets on the front and back.




This line is inspired by the Urbanite side of Canada, where cities radiate life. The Anekke logo becomes the protagonist of the design, following the logomania trend, with different textures, finishes and materials, and giving a very elegant touch to its design. It is a bag that combines beige and brown tones, with lots of details and an aged style finish, which gives it a vintage touch.




The backpack has two adjustable backpack handles at different lengths, plus a handle for the hand. The interior is lined with an original fabric printed with motifs from the collection, and has pockets.




The final touch is the details, which make it unique. There are decorative patches, pins, stitching, embroidery and personalized handles. And we couldn't miss the keychain of the collection, inspired by one of the most common animals in Canada: the polar bear!




And you're still thinking about it? This backpack has your name on it - get it now!

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