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Kyomu flap coin purse

Kyomu flap coin purse

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This Kyomu flap purse will be like a touch of colour in your life.


It is a flap model with a back pocket that is accessed by a zip. The entire interior is lined.


The Japanese word "Kyomu" means "a dream that comes true". That's why the Kyomu line by Anekke Contemporary takes dreams as a source of inspiration.


Anekke's dreams during her travels in Japan come to life in the designs of this line, where Japanese shapes, colours and iconography are represented in its colourful prints, as if they were pieces of dreams come true.


The details bring each piece to life, with art-inspired patches and hundreds of personalised elements to the theme, with pins, handles, metallic logo... Are you ready to live Japan through Anekke's dreams? Open your eyes, and start dreaming too with your new favourite accessory!

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