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Contemporary Large Flexible RFID Wallet

Contemporary Large Flexible RFID Wallet

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Don't stop travelling, don't stop dreaming and don't stop creating. Remember it every day with your new favourite large flexible RFID wallet from Anekke Contemporary!


This is a large size wallet. The material it is made of is flexible. It has two main compartments: the back, where you'll find a large wallet and space for notes or documents. The top part has a zip, and inside you can store coins. The entire interior is lined. It also has a removable card holder inside.


Anekke Contemporary is a collection inspired by a journey through Japan through contemporary art. Its prints recreate Japanese lights, architecture, culture and iconography, brought to life through abstract shapes and artistic interpretations. Each bag is a little piece of this country, seen from a unique point of view: that of art.


The details are the final touch to transport you on a unique journey through Japan, with hundreds of personalised decorative elements, such as the handles, pins, logo and back patches, inspired by Japanese art and culture.


This model features RFID protection: an innovative protection system that protects our cards against unauthorised payments, information theft and interference.


Are you ready for a unique journey with Anekke like you never dreamed of? Get your artistic side ready, here we come, Japan!

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