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Nature Shodō medium black handbag

Nature Shodō medium black handbag

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Art is the journey of a free soul. Like this Nature Shodō medium black bag, your new inseparable!


This medium black bag will surprise you with its unique design. It features a zip closure, large interior capacity, as well as lining and pockets. When it comes to hanging it up you have two options: with the short handle as a shoulder bag, or with the shoulder strap at different lengths.


Anekke Nature Shodō is a capsule made with 80% recycled material and 100% love for the planet. It is also one of Anekke's most special collections, as each design is unique and different - no two are the same!


Each product in this collection is like a blank canvas on which an emotion is painted. The designs in this line have been created one by one, "painting" the print of each bag as if it were a unique 360º painting. In addition, on each model you will also find golden lines inspired by the "kintsugi" technique, the art of repairing something broken by emphasising its fractures, to create a new target that is more beautiful than the original. And of course, the details that make each piece unique. Inspirational phrases, metallised logos, personalised handles, studs, pins.... Can you imagine having an exclusive bag, like a work of art? With this collection it's possible!


The collection has the Control Union Certifications B.V. seal, which guarantees that it is a recycled and ecofriendly product.

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