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Tribe medium ethnic print RFID wallet

Tribe medium ethnic print RFID wallet

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This tribe medium ethnic print rfid wallet is part of the Anekke Menire collection, a tribute to the indigenous women's collectives of the Amazon. The Tribe line is inspired by the importance of belonging to the tribe for the indigenous women of the Amazon, their connection to their roots. Discover all its details!

It's a wallet medium size. This model has RFID protection: an innovative protection system that protects our cards against unauthorized payments, information theft and interference. The design is characterized because the front simulates the shapes of a mask, achieved through die-cutting, embroidery and superimposition of materials in different tones and finishes. This combines with the back with various tones and textures.


It has two main compartments: the back, where you will find a large wallet and space for bills or documents. The upper part has a zipper, and inside you can store coins. The entire interior is lined. And last but not least, let's not forget the details! Starting with the metallic logo,pins, personalized zipper pulls, embroidery...

In short, the final touch that this accessory needed to become your new favorite.

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