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Peace & Love pink medium RFID wallet

Peace & Love pink medium RFID wallet

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Ready to travel to the summer of love with Anekke Peace & Love? We are starting a unique journey in which you will only need two things: imagination and some flowers in your hair. Anekke's van takes off so we start touring the West Coast of the USA during a unique era: the 60s. Under a warm sun and with music, freedom and dreams vibrating high, we will stop in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego, to experience the hippie movement from within. Get ready to immerse yourself in a unique story through every detail of the collection: pins, embroidery, die-cut shapes and prints that will take us back to this cultural movement. You will also find 100% personalised patches and empowering messages that will make you flow. This piece is part of the pink line, which combines with touches of ecru, grey and black.

This medium-sized wallet has two main compartments: the back, where you will find a large billfold and space for banknotes and/or cards. It has a zip at the top, and inside you can keep coins. The entire interior is lined.


Ready to start a new journey every day with Anekke? There we go!

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