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Nature Woods oval backpack

Nature Woods oval backpack

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This Nature Woods anti-theft backpack is part of Anekke's eco collection, made with 80% recycled material and 100% love for the Planet: Anekke Nature Woods.


This collection is inspired by an orographic map of Canada, and uses recycled materials obtained by recycling plastic caps. The collection has the Control Union Certifications B.V. seal that guarantees that it is a recycled and ecofriendly product. Take care of the Planet with your new backpack!




This backpack has 2 separate compartments, is large in size and has multiple pockets on the front and sides. In addition, it has a rear opening, ideal for use as an anti-theft backpack.




The design of the backpack combines a print inspired by a map of the Canadian mountains seen in relief (orographic map), which creates an original camouflage effect print. This is mixed with a print in which the Anekke logo becomes the protagonist, appearing in different colors, textures and sizes, creating a relief effect.


It is a model made with a nylon type material, very light and flexible, where black, gray and white tones stand out, with green, maroon and yellow touches. Its padded style and comfort will make it your new inseparable!




The backpack has two adjustable backpack straps at different lengths, plus a grab handle for the hand. The interior is lined with an original fabric printed with motifs from the collection, and has pockets.




Finally, the details are endless. You'll find the logo in colors with handcrafted finish, message patches and personalized handles.




Don't think twice! Add your favorite Anekke Nature Woods to cart now, and take care of the Planet with your new bag!

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