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Magic Souls large crossbody bag

Magic Souls large crossbody bag

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This magic souls large crossbody bag is part of the Anekke Menire collection, a tribute to the indigenous women's collectives of the Amazon, who struggle to preserve their environment and traditions.

The Magic Souls capsule represents the spiritual and artisanal union of the women of the Amazon, who find in the processes of artisanal creation a magical connection. Discover all its details!


This shoulder bag is large in size and has a back pocket. This bag is characterized because it combines a base in off-white tone, which recreates the shape of a net in different colors. This contrasts with parts in brown and lots of details. The back side has a colorful brushstroke print, in which some words can be read.


The handle is an adjustable shoulder strap at different lengths, perfect to adapt it to the height you prefer. The interior is lined with an original fabric printed with motifs from the collection, and has pockets.


Finally, don't forget the details! The design is full of them, making each piece unique. You can find some likethe logo in white tone, pins, stitching, message patch and personalized handles. All finished in a handcrafted style. It also features the collection's key ring, which adds the finishing touch to a perfect accessory.


It's going to be your new favorite accessory - get yours now!

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