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Shōen metal handle baguette bag

Shōen metal handle baguette bag

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Imagine the story of a unique woman who changed the art world in Japan. Add a few drops of fashion, and here's your new baguette bag with metal handle by Anekke Shōen!


This shoulder bag is small in size and has a back pocket. It has a short metal shoulder strap and a removable shoulder strap that can be adjusted to different lengths. The interior is lined with an original fabric printed with motifs from the collection, and has pockets.


Anekke Shōen is a tribute to the Japanese painter Uemura Shōen. This artist is considered the mother of Japanese women artists, as she made painting a female profession at a time when women were not allowed to paint professionally. This collection is therefore an ode to art, which sets us free and allows us to portray and create a unique vision of the world.


Anekke is in a painting studio, painting a circle around herself. This stroke is a Japanese artistic practice called "ensō", in which the spirit connects with the brushstrokes to be able to convey emotions. It is also a metaphor for that magical moment when inspiration flows, illuminating the artist so that he or she can create.


It's a collection full of unique details, with shiny touches, personalised pins, handles and patches and a message in Japanese that will remind you every day how important it is to find your "ikigai" (your reason for being).


Ready to dive into the art with your new Anekke Shōen favourite? Get yours now!

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