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Shōen Brush small shoulder bag

Shōen Brush small shoulder bag

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Wake up every day and put a little bit of inspiration inside your bag with your new Shōen Brush small shoulder bag, your new favourite!


This medium sized small shoulder bag has a large interior capacity as well as lining and pockets. The handle is adjustable, so you can always adjust it to the length you prefer. It also has pockets on the front and back.


The Brush line is part of the Anekke Shōen collection. This collection is a tribute to the Japanese painter Uemura Shōen, considered the mother of Japanese women artists.


Its design is characterised by the combination of different prints and finishes, as if they were unique works of art ready to go with you at all times. The contrast between light and dark tones, as well as the great level of detail, will transport you to a world inspired by art.


And you can't miss the 100% personalised details: pins, patch, logo or handles inspired by the theme, as well as others such as studs, quilted effect or touches of copper tone, to brighten up your day with your new favourite Anekke Shōen. Bring out your inner artist with your new Anekke Shōen favourite - you're going to love it!

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