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Tribe navy blue printed crossbody bag

Tribe navy blue printed crossbody bag

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This tribe navy blue printed crossbody bag is part of the Anekke Menire collection, a tribute to the indigenous women's collectives of the Amazon.

The Tribe line is inspired by the importance of belonging to the tribe for the indigenous women of the Amazon, their connection to their roots. Discover all its details!

This shoulder bag is medium size and has a back pocket.The front of this bag is inspired by the characteristic masks of the Amazonian culture. An original tribal mask is represented through the superimposition of materials, die-cutting and colorful embroidery.

The sides are die-cut material in navy blue tone, superimposed on the multicolor print of the collection. The back has a plain fabric and a patch from the collection. The handle is an adjustable shoulder strap at different lengths, perfect to adapt it to the height you prefer. The interior is lined with an original fabric printed with motifs from the collection, and has pockets.

Finally, don't forget the details! The design is full of them, making each piece unique. You can find some likecustom logo with touches of color, pins, embroidery, message patch and personalized handles. All finished in a handcrafted style.

We could not miss the keychain of the collection, in which you will find Anekke on one side and a funny warrior Towanda on the other side. It has a final touch with decorative feathers.

A unique bag with a unique story behind it. Get yours now!

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