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Sunrise Oval Shoulder Bag

Sunrise Oval Shoulder Bag

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Find part of the beauty of the Mediterranean through its details, like the ones you'll find in this Sunrise oval shoulder bag by Anekke Mediterranean, your new inseparable!


This women's shoulder bag has several compartments, and is characterized by its original print inspired by the popular "trencadís", a technique of modernist architecture invented by Gaudí, in which mosaics are made with irregular fragments of ceramic in white, blue and touches of ochre and brown tones. This print combines parts in brown, such as the adjustable shoulder strap.


It opens at the top, from where it accesses a large compartment with pockets, which is lined with an original printed fabric. And the details make it unique, with metal logo, pins, decorative patch and an original keychain of the collection.


Ready to enjoy the Mediterranean with Anekke? Get yours now!

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