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Sunrise Anti-theft Backpack

Sunrise Anti-theft Backpack

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Enjoy an unforgettable walk along the Mediterranean Sea with this anti-theft backpack from the Sunrise line by Anekke Mediterranean, your new inseparable!


This original backpack for women is characterized by its original design, which offers a backpack designed especially for women with an urban lifestyle and travelers, because thanks to its main opening in the back it becomes the perfect anti-theft backpack. It has a front pocket, inner lining, inner pocket and compartments.


The design of the backpack combines the front printed with a Mediterranean scenery in white, blue, brown and yellow, with the back in brown.


And of course, the details make it unique! It has a metallic logo in light blue, embroidery, pins, personalized handles and the precious pendant of the collection. It will be your new inseparable, get it now!

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