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Studio nude bowling bag

Studio nude bowling bag

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The glamour of old Hollywood coupled with the perseverance of a great scientist ―this is the essence of the Studio Nude line within the Anekke Hollywood collection, inspired by the legendary classic film actress Hedy Lamarr. The history of this woman is full of great achievements, not only related to cinema, but also to another of her great passions, i.e. science. This amazing woman, she was the inventor of wifi! Each piece in this nude colour line is like a unique piece of jewellery: embroidery creates various silhouettes and shapes inspired by cinema and science, with hundreds of decorations such as rhinestones, personalised pins, metallic appliqués or pearls. The coloured sides and backs are a print inspired by the waves generated by wifi. Get ready to enjoy an accessory that tells the story of a unique woman, ready to make you dream every day.

This women's bowling bag is medium-large in size and features a back pocket. It has two hand handles and a removable adjustable shoulder strap. The interior is lined and has pockets.


Definitely, an accessory that will not only accompany you in your best looks, but will also inspire you in your day-to-day life. Get yours now!

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