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Mediterranean backpack with front pocket

Mediterranean backpack with front pocket

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Live out your own Mediterranean sunset with this gorgeous front pocket backpack from Anekke Mediterranean!


This women's stroller backpack shines through its beautiful design, featuring the 3 factors needed to make it perfect: it''s comfortable, it''s pretty, and it tells a unique story!


Main compartment opens with zipper, accessible from the top, and also features a front and back pocket. It has two adjustable backpack handles, perfect for adapting it to any height, with a grab handle.


Front and back combine patterns full of motifs, with shades of brown and a soft iridescent gold, that will transport you to the sea sand shining under the sun and invites you to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean landscape through the embroidery or pins, part of the final touch: the personalized details. Details such as the metallic logo, Towanda pin or coral-inspired pins, the personalized handles, the mother-of-pearl appliqués or the original pendant of the collection.


In short: nothing is missing! And that's why it's ready to always go with you, remembering you that the most important thing in life is to enjoy it, and taking you to the magic of the Mediterranean whenever you take it with you. Are you ready? Get yours now!

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