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Mediterranean Anti-theft backpack for strollers

Mediterranean Anti-theft backpack for strollers

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For you, since life is an adventure filled with beautiful things, this Anekke Mediterranean anti-theft backpack will be a reminder that the most beautiful things in life are right there in front of you. You will love it!


This original backpack for women features a design that offers a backpack especially designed for women with an urban lifestyle and travelers, because thanks to its main opening in the back it becomes the perfect anti-theft backpack. It has a front pocket, inner lining, inner pocket and compartments.


The backpack's beige front, printed pockets and sides in a soft iridescent gold, will take you to the sandy sea shimmering in the sun.


And, of course, its details are what sets it apart! It comes with a metallic logo, nacre appliqués, embroidery, coral-inspired pin, custom handles and the collection's precious pendant. All this backpack is missing is you- get it now!

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