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ICONIC heart purse

ICONIC heart purse

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Nothing says iconic quite like your heart! This original ICONIC Heart Bag by Anekke is your new favourite for a hundred reasons, find out more!


This gorgeous jewel bag will win over many hearts every time you carry it with you. The original design in a shiny red tone is perfect for every occasion you want to give a special touch to any look, or as a gift for someone who wants to give a gift that speaks for itself. It' s made of eco-friendly material, and is presented in a beautiful little box with a protecting pouch for storage. It is half-open and has an inner lining to protect whatever you're carrying. The gold-tone chain is multi-posture, so it can be used as a handbag, or you can choose the position you'd like to wear it in for any occasion.


It is, without a doubt, the secret ingredient that makes everything in life taste better. There is nothing like putting heart into everything we do, and the ICONIC bag by Anekke speaks for itself.


This is an exclusive edition, so if you want it, do not hesitate! Get yours now.

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